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This website has helped me explain the solar system to Jason



My son Jason is an inquisitive kid like most kids his age. However, unlike most boys his age who are into motorcycles and scooters and such, my son is very much into astronomy. He loves science so much the telescope he was given by his granddad continues to be his most favorite thing in the house. It’s the last thing he holds at night. He even sleeps with it by his bedside.

I often have to remind him that sleeping with his telescope could cause the delicate or sensitive parts to get damaged, but he still finds a way to sneak the instrument onto his bedside table. Jason has grown so attached to his telescope that it has always been my perennial habit to check he doesn’t have it in his grasp when he sleeps at night.

Jason has plenty of questions about astronomy, and this has made me search far and wide and all over for the best website in astronomy for kids. Most of the sites available are filled with many interesting articles, but explaining each and every article to a child Jason’s age can be a tremendous challenge.

Fortunately, one of the other moms at Jason’s school also has a kid who is also very interested in astronomy. She told me about this website called I ventured into the website on my own, and I was impressed, sure enough. provides plenty of astronomy information for students and children of all ages. Even parents like me are likely to pick up plenty of pointers on celestial objects along the way.

Jason and I visit the site together, so I instantly know how to explain particular topics he finds a bit complicated, but those times are seldom because the site is as kid-friendly as any astronomy website for kids should be.


Owned and operated by KidsKnowIt Network, which also provides resources on other topics that kids will find equally interesting including memory, math, biology and dinosaurs, just to name a few, is a simple website where kids can truly learn about astronomy in an effortless manner.

The website comes with a self-guided course that is provided when you decide to take the tour. Your child even gets a special certificate of completion when they have completed the different learning packets they have selected on their own. is an free resource on astronomy that has been geared to enable children to enjoy learning about outer space. It presents a resource site that makes astronomy more interesting and not annoying.


Kids can enjoy exploring the moons of Jupiter and perhaps, even discover life on those distant worlds beyond our own.

I love that Jason can discover by himself just how expansive outer space is. He has even begun wondering if his Nana, granddaddy, himself and I could perhaps live in one of the other planets when the time comes.

It’s fun exploring with your child. There’s so much to learn, and there’s plenty to do. Your child will even become knowledgeable on what modern astronomers are doing to push the boundaries of space exploration each and every day.

Packed with activities, games, resources and fun facts, the website can help parents, Science teachers and students of all ages simply reach out and touch the universe in the convenience of the home.

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