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The Meteor Counter app – a review



Available free of charge at Apple’s App store, The Meteor Counter app is one of those exciting things about modern day astronomy that lets you cultivate a real interest in the subject. The app allows people from all walks of life to do their part and share what they see to add to authentic NASA research.

The app is sponsored and supported by two partner organizations namely, NASA and Awards. The enjoyment of finding something undiscovered in the sky is already pretty exciting, but when you add to that the opportunity to make astronomical discoveries and perhaps get a comet or a meteor named after you, it makes the deal even sweeter.

The data collected from users provides everyone plenty of information about meteor showers as well as the sporadic meteor background. This will allow NASA researchers to configure meteor rate profiles. The profiles will be extremely useful for mapping out a variety of cosmic debris streams that are encountered by our very own planet, thus improving NASA’s ability to make meteor shower activity forecasting.

This app provides a way for anyone to get really excited about watching meteor showers, since, on the average, over 40 tons of meteoroids hit the planet Earth, with most being merely tiny specks of comet dust that harmlessly get blown to nothingness high up in the atmosphere of Earth to generate a slow light rain of meteors across the night sky. Neat, huh? Some nightly fireballs go off around the globe, all from bigger pieces of comet and asteroid debris. Some of those fireballs are even large enough to hit the ground as actual meteorites. The Meteor Counter app enables users to make a simple key tap to record crucial data including the time the meteor was seen, the magnitude of the meteor and the location of the user. An optional voice recorder can even be switched on at your option so you can capture your personal description of the event.

The radiance and trajectory of the meteor can be commented on by astronomy experts, but any user can opt just to exclaim WOW when a meteor is sighted. The recorded data gets uploaded automatically to NASA researchers for in-depth analysis.

How’s that for doing your bit for the world, huh? Designed for all levels of skywatchers the Meteor Counter app can be utilized by first-time sky gazers and experts in science-grade meteor observation.

If you have never seen a meteor before, this is one product you definitely should not pass up on. It provides a way for novice astronomers to become genuine experts in celestial observation.

The experience that every observer gains will be accompanied by how much weight the NASA researchers put into their data for accurate analysis.

Also doubling as a meteor shower alert system, the Meteor Counter app will alert the observer to an event should a meteor shower be expected. App users also get treated to a routine updating executed by professional scientists.

After Jason visited I had to buy him a telescope for kids and the next thing on the list was this app. He is super excited about all this!