About Angela



Hello, my name is Angela Woodchurch. I am a single mom to Jason, my little boy who has developed as much interest in science as myself. Jason and I have been living with my parents since my husband lost his life in Iraq. Although I have not had the chance to attend college, my fascination for science has always been tremendous.

I love reading and watching documentaries on science with my son. We even have active discussions by ourselves on what we read or watch. Science is always fun. In fact, I have been able to collect a continuously expanding library of Science books, from biology to zoology, botany and even astronomy, basic of course, that my son eagerly ‘consumes’ or reads with a healthy voracity.

I love that my son Jason finds so much to love about Science as well. When my husband was still alive, we had talked about sending Jason to medical school when he grows up. Now that my husband is gone, I still make it a point to place something into our son’s college fund every month to ensure that the dream will come true.

Living without a partner is difficult, but I am continuously inspired by my son, who looks up to me and depends on me, for his needs. During the most trying times in life, I always start a silent conversation with my late husband in my mind and heart. I ask him to serve as my guide as Jason, and I traverse life’s highway.

I share as much as I know to Jason on Science. There are just some things that his still immature mind cannot comprehend, so I am happy that my dad or his grandfather gifted him with a telescope and microscope for his birthday as well as Thanksgiving.

This way, my little boy is more confident with studying faraway objects in the sky as well as microscopic organisms. We have prepared slides for his microscope together. I used a blade to scrape off the surface of leaves so he could observe them on a slide using his microscope.

During a Perseid shower, my father very kindly guided Jason to watch the fantastic sky show last August. It was very lovely, and I could see that my son enjoyed the experience immensely. I will forever be grateful for the support that my parents have shown to my son and me. Indeed, when all else fails, family stays strong.

I would like to share my experiences with my son through this blog. I would like to share my and his fascination for science, as well as our mini-discoveries and frustrations when exploring the world and the universe together.

I hope my stories can both entertain or amuse and help others who are also avid Science enthusiasts. Here’s to more posts and exchanges on Science!