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What is living in a car really like?


There’s a stigma attached to living in your car. Although it is starting to disappear, there still are plenty of people who have the wrong image of what sacrifices and struggles residing in that compact space requires. It is a new way of living, that appeals to many young people who don’t want to pay rent. Let’s get more in-depth.



Like with any other alternative way of living, the expenses of car life can vary wildly depending on the size of your car. If you were to buy a van and only eat food from Whole Foods and farmer’s markets, the costs would add up, and it would be much higher than if you were to become a minimalist.

You can keep costs low by doing your own car maintenance, you should always try to find free parking, and you can also try to ride as slow as possible so you won’t burn up too much gas. A realistic budget is somewhere between $1,000 and $1,200. If you want to learn more about it, there are plenty of resources online.



Throughout my research, I realized that that the goals of those people living in their cars are varied and unique as all humans are. That being said, their motivations revolve around the same central themes like a desire for minimalism, ease of travel, they have a low income, or they want to connect with the natural world. These people also have a strong tendency to move from city to city, especially if they work online.


Long-term viability

It might be fun to run around in a car for a few years when you’re young and full of energy, but what about living in one as a long-term housing solution? Nowadays, people don’t think it’s far-fetched, and many are happy to live in their vans for years. It’s all about properly adjusting your notions of what shelter is, and determining what’s important to you.

But it is not a solution for those who want to live big and take advantage of modern housing equipment like showers and ovens. It is not something that appeals to those who like to have a garden to grow their own produce. Also, if you own a small car, it might get uncomfortable very quickly.

Not to mention that maintaining a romantic relationship while living in your car can be a challenge. You will meet interesting people along the way, but when moving too much, it’s understandably tough to settle into an honest relationship. But if you already have a partner to share this type of life with, things might not be as difficult for you. Although, most people suggest you look into an ultra comfortable bed or into some of the multiple alternatives available right now, especially if you have back problems.